Grandmothers (Fallout 4 spoiler)

Do you think that my grandmothers’ and your grandmothers’ spirits get together and watch us? …over tea, of course. (I must warn you, there is a Fallout 4 spoiler at the end of this first paragraph.) Like, we’re watching our grandchildren’s generation on screens, oblivious as to why we were brought together. Sixty to a hundred years from now, could they be doing the same thing in the afterlife (via a microchip in their left cornea)? Like, we could be in the afterlife now and not even know it. In this moment, I’m watching my grandchild via a video game about post-war Boston, over two hundred years into the future (he was cryogenically frozen for two hundred ten, for those not in the know), trying to cope with finally finding his son. (Sorry to those of you who are not yet 55 hours into it. Maybe I should include a spoiler warning up top.)

(Okay, done.)

So, time is irrelevant. What if time is irrelevant? Something that I did in 1989 is going to affect what I do in 2015, and by searching deep enough into my brain, I can connect with myself in 1989. I would choose the red apple over the green apple again. Green could have been my ticket to finishing my doctorate and having a plan for the next five years. I know that I can eat for the next five days if I’m lucky. But now I’m confusing reality with The Butterfly Effect. Sorry Ashton, but you only had to go without full arms and legs for a few, relatively speaking. It was for the greater good.

Grannie occasionally enjoys Earl Grey with a bit of honey and a slice of lemon. Nowadays, she has to drink decaffeinated because of her heart. That woman has good taste, I tell ya. She sparked my love of Red Rose, despite my friend Amber growing up surrounded by the little figurines that I enjoyed browsing during visits with her amazing family. Once, when I visited Grannie for dinner, she boiled some tap water on her beige gas stove in that horrible cherry red kettle that you have to turn all the way over to get the last drop of water. I’m going to find her a new one, I swear it. But she loves it and all that lime buildup inside it. Despite my knowledge of how microwaves work, I continue to nuke my Garfield and Odie painted clear glass coffee cups. I enjoy lime-fruit, not  -scale buildup in my Red Rose.

I can’t wait to taste her sweet potatoes in about 15 hours.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Much love,


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